Friday, April 14, 2006


Having a website of my own (, this blog will serve as my temporary venue for updates, diaries and mode of creating webpages with just an internet connection (without a FTP or upload capability) Update (24th April 2006):- Just found out my domain is no longer active... hehehe... looks like I defaulted on the payment. Oh well, I guess that's it.... no longer going to upkeep the domain. Better to just stick to freebies on the net.... less hassle ... oh well, less 1 bill for me to remember.

Updates (May 2007)
Finally, bought a new home pc for about Rm2k. In fact, I nearly got it for free!! The story goes like this, I bought it from Computer War in Ss2. This place is always packed and #$^%& busy. Getting the staff to stop and ask questions is incredibly difficult, one has to be really thick skin to shout out your queries to them. Anyway, this was their downfall. When I collected the pc, as usual, everyone was running all over the place. Only one junior staff demo'ed my pc to show that it's working and everything in place. He carried it to my car and we said bye. While driving back, I just realised I didn't pay !!!?!!! My brain mechanics started spinning.... did I? Could I? Will they? I thought, maybe wait till next weekend to pay.... all this time, thinking will they report to police? But then again, they don't have any info of mine, except maybe the mobilephone no. on the invoice. Oh well, come next weekend, I went there holding on to the invoice, as usual, everyone was running around. I was expecting maybe one of them to shout "OI.... that's him... get him!!!" and jump on me. But nothing. It was just the usual busyness, ignoring me. So I stopped the boss Dennis and told him I haven't paid... he almost flipped and fainted, finding out that such a thing could happen. In fact, at that point, I was thinking, I could actually have gotten a free pc. 'Cos their practice was to collect money upon delivery. Pass that point, no one knows... really !! Anyway, one good turn deserves another, I was honest and guilt-ridden ... the boss knew that, and gave me discounts and discounts after. Who knows, maybe they will improve their service and attention .... or one day, I will get another free pc chance.... hehehe.

Here's what I got :-
Intel Core2Duo 1.8
Gigabyte N650SLI-DS4 motherboard
1GB DDR2 Corsair
250gb Seagate SATA2 HDD
17" Samsung 732N LCD (1280x1024, 5ms)
Graphics card: NVIDIA GEFORCE 7100GS (128MB / GDDR3 with DVI, Tv-out)
Casing: Trendsonic TS218-BB (Blacklight 400 watts)

And coupled with my old gear :-
300GB IDE Maxtor hdd / 250GB IDE WD hdd
Samsung DVD writer (Super-writemaster SH-S182D)
PSU: Cooler Master Extreme Power 430W ATX12V V2.01
Fans: ICUTE 80mm; COOLERMASTER 80mm; LYF RA9011 PCI fan
Modem : Zyxel adsl; Zyxel wireless router
Cambridge Soundworks 12v (2.1 speakers)

Updates (8th December 2006)
I'm a lucky man. I've been blessed with my second child, a son. Thank you god for your blessings and providence.

Updates (August 2006)
Back to KL. Back to boring routines and mundane lifestyles. Back to chores and chores.

Updates (30 April 2006)
Moved base to seoul, Korea for the remainder of the project.

Updates (September 2005)
Currently in Shanghai on a 6 months project..... expected to go to Korea from May to June for remainder of project. Some free time within the project timeline, managed to spruce up some updates in my blogs (check the right frame for links) eg. food, toys, travel secrets and dvd reviews.

Updates (November 2005)
F***ing prick of a malay couple..... banged my new car from the back on the way home from work at busy Jln Tun Razak (in front of Dewan Pustaka area). It was bumper to bumper traffic and these 2 motherf***ers can actually doze off while husband hit the gas.... BANG! Not just a love tap.... but probably a 20-40km/h BANG! No wonder there's accidents on highways (death casualties) ..... sleeping while driving is a whole new perspective for me..... FUCK drink driving... this is the new IN thing. Anyway, after negotiations... settlement is thru cash and quotation from Honda service center amounting to RM1077 for new bumper and workmanship.... .which btw is a fucking scam... worksmanship is off the head quote from mechanics (totally unrelated to Honda company policy... it was just agak agak estimates).... about RM500-RM600... .even more than the actual bumper.... fucking pricks. Anyway, they did a good job... fixed the spoiler brake light. But still, overall painful to my new car.

Updates (August 2005)
New second car for city travel.... Honday City V-tec.... at 90k all in (with spoiler and V-Kool). Additional Rm1k to remove the Honda front door speakers and add bigger speakers and 2 tweeters.... a world of difference to the sound.